Candice Olson 7

Get Your Home Interiors Ready for Spring

Frigid and fickle temperatures across the DMV areas have focused us on one thought – come on Spring! As you know, readying your home for any season takes careful preparation and planning.

Rockville / 01-19-2017
Bedding with Nice Pillow Sham Covers

A Quick Guide On Pillow Shams

When it comes to pillows and cushions, you may come across the term “pillow shams”. You may instantly think of it as an indication that something is false. No, a pillow sham is not a false decorative pillow – however similar that may sound – as it is actually part of your top-of-the-bed bedding ensemble….

Rockville / 05-04-2016
curtain fabrics of choice

Choosing Fabrics For Your Curtains

When it comes to choosing fabrics for your curtains, it may entail quite a lot of thinking, such as deciding on the choice of fabrics. When you choose the fabrics, consider its durability, light exposing/blocking qualities, texture and weight.

Rockville / 04-20-2016