Tips for Updating Your Outdoor Furniture

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Rockville / 03-03-2017
Tips for Updating Your Outdoor Furniture
Indoor Outdoor fabrics from Duralee

Now that you’ve worked hard to update your Spring Interiors, it’s time to turn your attention to the outdoors.  Here are a few tips for updating your outdoor furniture for Spring.

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

You spent a pretty penny on your designer Outdoor Furniture two years ago, so don’t even think about buying a new set. Instead, simply replace your old, battered, sun-worn cushions with newly reupholstered ones!  At the end of the day, you will feel better knowing you did something great by reusing your cushions and updating them with new fabrics instead of buying new ones.

Choose outdoor fabrics, then have fun with color, texture and maybe even add a few prints.

First things first – you must choose fabric that is suitable for outdoor use.  A good high-performance fabric from Sunbrella, Duralee or Fabricut should do the trick.  Do you remember the lessons we learned regarding choosing fabrics for spring in the blog Fabrics to Consider for Your Spring Updates?   Well, they still apply here.  Have fun with the colors that evoke the feeling of Spring, and select textures that will add to your level of enjoyment and that of your guests.

Think of your outdoor space as an extension of your home design

You have created a contemporary oasis in your new Spring interiors.  Think of your exteriors as an extension of your interiors.  You may want to create a contemporary oasis outside, but instead of matching your exteriors to the hues you used indoors, you would like to use more vibrant colors in homage to warmer weather.  Or you could use complementary colors outdoors to the ones you used indoors but paired with a more traditional style.  If you can create a correlation between your interiors and exteriors, you will have a beautiful congruent home to show your guests and you will look like a design all-star!

Don’t forget about the little details

Maybe the outdoor furniture your purchased two years ago did not include decorative pillows.  Add comfortability and style by creating your own custom pillows for the enjoyment of you and your guests this Spring.  The great thing about adding pillows is that you can customize your own fabric, and use the outdoor foam of your choice with just the right density per your comfort level.

Spend time outside enjoying

What’s the point of updating your outdoor furniture if you don’t take the time to enjoy your new exteriors?  Last year you had far too much to do all summer.  The year before that, you were traveling.  This year, schedule dedicated time for sitting outside on your newly updated furniture and feel the enjoyment that can only come with the sense of accomplishment.

Need help updating your outdoor furniture?  Visit our showroom or schedule your shop-at-home appointment today.  We would be happy to help!

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