Roman Shades

  • Roman Shade Perfectly Designed

    Perfectly Designed

  • Roman shades handcrafted


  • Roman shade expertly installed

    Expertly Installed

Flat Roman Shades

Timeless beauty

When fully lowered, the shade fabric appears flat and remains taut. Our expert interior designers will guide you through our gorgeous library of fashion-forward fabrics and trims to design stunning custom Flat Roman Shades.

Hobbled Roman Shades

Enduring craftsmanship

Soft fabric folds cascade across this classic style of Roman Shades for added depth and fullness. In our very own locally operated workshops, our artisans tailor your Hobbled Roman Shades by hand using the fashion industry's latest fabrics.

Woven Wood Roman Shades

Stunning style

Made from all natural reeds, bamboos and grasses, our Woven Wood Roman Shades enhance any décor from traditional to contemporary with stunning style. Our installation technicians will carefully measure your windows and expertly install your shades so they look perfect and last a lifetime.

Relaxed Roman Shades

Artisan tailored for a truly custom look

We carefully tailor Relaxed Romans with a gentle curve of fabric at the bottom of the shade for an added flare of fashion. While functional, these shades are typically carefully dressed and rarely operated.

Pleated Roman Shades

Architecturally inspired elegance

Inspired by the precision of architecture, we infuse these shades with uniform pleats appearing from the top to the bottom of the fabric and held in place by battens behind the shade.

Batten Front Roman Shades

Crisp, clean, classic

Featuring crisp pleats on the front face of the shade, our Batten Front Shades showcase exceptional tailoring for a truly custom look. A favorite amongst architects and designers.

Top-Down & Bottom-Up

A perfect pairing of fashion and function

Our expert craftsman can fabricate nearly all of our Roman Shade styles with the Top-Down & Bottom-up design feature. Lower the shade from the top to allow light in the room and create a view outward while preserving privacy and light control on the lower section of your window.

Even More Styles

Endless possibilities to achieve design perfection

In our very own locally operated workshops, our tailors can handcraft every style of Roman Shade. The styles listed above are our most popular but our designers can show you even more options such as Austrian Shades, London Shades, Balloon Shades and more to help elevate your décor to unprecedented levels of design perfection.

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