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    Handcrafted in Maryland Since 1971

Founded in 1971 & We're Just Getting Started

  • Stitching Machine

    When our dad arrived to the United States at 19, he had no money and barely spoke English. He knew how to handcraft plastic slipcovers though and began knocking door-to-door offering his services in hopes of making ends meet.

  • craftsmanship

    As people invited him into their homes, they were amazed by his exquisite craftsmanship. They quickly began asking "do you do reupholstery?" and "can you make pillows?".
    He worked tireless trying to keep up with demand and hired other artisans to craft pillows, draperies, headboards and more all by hand.

  • Decorated Sofa

    Today, Rockville Interiors operates multiple workrooms where we pair state-of-the-art technology with dad's old work fabrication techniques. Our interior designers help you imagine the product, our workrooms bring the design to life and our technicians oversee delivery and installation.

  • Team Members

    We have the privilege of watching our dad pour his heart into his craft. He makes every client feel truly loved while ensuring our work looks gorgeous and lasts a lifetime. His passion has inspired us to lead Rockville Interiors into the future industry-leading quality, unrivaled service and results that look stunning.

  • 33 Ft. Tallest Drapery
  • 110,000 Re-upholstered
    furniture pieces
  • 600,000 Window Treatments
  • 60,000 Pillows Made
  • 1,000 years of combined experience
  • Employees from 14 different nationalities
  • 15,000 Fabrics in Showroom
  • 0 Projects not completed

We’re Committed To

  • Quality

    We fabricate our products with the highest-quality inputs using the longest-lasting fabrication techniques which are protected by industry-leading warranties.

  • Service

    We hope you love our service just as much as our gorgeous products. From design to fabrication and through installation, we strive to exceed your expectations. If there is ever anything we can do to improve the experience, please let email us at service@rockvilleinteriors.com and we’ll be happy to help.

  • Beauty

    Our designs will be stunning, our fabrics will be gorgeous and the end results will take your breath away.