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Why Motorized?

Make life easy

Rather than fussing with unsightly, hard-to-use and dangerous window shade cords, our ultra-reliable motors enable you to operate your shades with the touch of a button. Motorized blinds are perfect for those hard to reach windows behind tubs or high above the floor and also for those heavy window treatments like large draperies. Finally you can quickly and easily adjust all the shades in your home throughout the day for optimal privacy, light control and thermal insulation.



Perfectly pairing fashion & technology

The motorization experts at our very own Window Treatment Workshop can motorize nearly any style of window treatment. Some of our most popular types of motorized window fashions include Solar Shades, Roller Shades, Honeycomb Shades and Silhouette Shades. We also combine the fashion industry's latest fabrics with our user-friendly motors to craft custom Draperies, Roman Shades, Woven Woods & more! We can even fabricate motorized shades for unique windows such as Skylights, Angled Windows and windows requiring Bottom-Up shades.


Simple solutions for every application

Motorized window fashions are typically operated by handheld remote controls and wall mounted switches. Our in-house installation technicians can also program your shades to be controlled by an App on your mobile device. Our easy-to-use App enables you to adjust each shade individually or operate multiple shades at once, whether in you're home or remotely from anywhere in the world. Best of all, a simple scheduling tool enables you to have your app operate your shades automatically at preferred times throughout the day.

Hardwired Powered

Maintenance-free electrical connection

Hardwired motorized shades are connected to your household electrical system. Our in-house installation technicians will carefully run wiring concealed behind your walls and ceiling to power your shades. Our in-house carpentry team will refinish and repaint any small holes made during the wiring process. We love hardwired motorized shades as they are the fastest, quietest, smoothest and most maintenance-free solution available.

Battery Powered

Wire-free power

Battery powered motorized shades are driven by batteries located within the shade. These batteries typically last 3-5 years depending on the weight of the shade and the frequency of usage. We infuse our battery powered shades with exclusive technology that makes changing batteries quick and easy. Simply press a button on the shade to open the battery compartment and insert new D-cell batteries in seconds.


Connecting to smart home systems

Our motorized shades can integrate into nearly any smart home system. Our installation technicians commonly integrate our motorized shades into industry leading systems like HomeWorks, Radio Ra2, Crestron, Control4, Savant, Elan & more! This type of integration enables you to control all your lighting, security, audio, video and shading, all from a single device like wall mounted touch screen or App.

The Best Brands

Partnering with industry leading experts

Rockville Interiors partners with nearly all of the leaders in motorizes window fashion technology to deliver you the most user-friendly, ultra-reliable and gorgeous motorized window treatments. Our motorization experts love using motors by Lutron Electronics which are handcrafted in Ashland, VA. Lutron's motors are nearly silent, very fast, perfectly smooth and maintain speeds so side-by-side shades are perfectly aligned while in motion. This way, side-by-side shades maintain perfect alignment while in motion.

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