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Rockville / 03-08-2017

Homebunch - Spring Interiors lightingAt the completion of any design project, all parties involved must undergo an all-important step.  Just like a builder ensuring final delivery of their construction project, the designer must examine the interior of their new project to see if anything is missing.  There is tremendous value in this step because it allows the customer the opportunity to explore the finer details that would take their design project to the next level.

These details can be defined by one word – ornamentation.

Throughout all our Spring discussions we have talked about the ornamentation that you can request as a part of our custom products like pillows, tassels on drapes, and top treatments. Here are a few other ideas for using home accessories to make your spring interior ornate enough for your standards, and interesting enough to tantalize your guests.

Flowers – the Spring season is like an annual time to debut your favorite flowers.  Fresh buds remind us of familiar scents and enjoyable times from prior years coupled with new hopes for the new season.  As you are finalizing your spring interiors, consider how the inclusion of fresh tulips or tiger or calla lilies will add an air of festivity to your Spring décor.

Artwork – Carefully chosen and perfectly placed artwork can enhance the mood of any well-created interior.  Choose complementary visual representations of the feeling of a room and enjoy as its hues play against those in your drapes, reupholstery or slipcovers.

Lighting –  The great thing about the Spring season is that it is the time when we allow more natural light into our interior spaces.  Choose blinds and shades that will allow you to enjoy that light longer during Spring, giving you more light-filled days and light-filtering options.  Our designers can show you how.  Schedule a shop-at-home appointment so that they can show you which products would work best in your space.

Candles – In Spring, the season for falling in love (or back in love), candles can play a large part in the endeavor of adding the element of romance into your Spring interiors.  Choose an anchor color/theme that is central to your bedroom décor, like your custom bedding for example, and use candles in the color or style that will best embellish that look.

As you use these tips to embellish your Spring Interiors remember you’re not alone – we’re here to  help!  Would you like a second opinion on your choices for ornamenting your spring interiors?  Email us.  We’d be happy to help you find the finishing touch!

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