Reupholstery & Slipcovers

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What's the difference?

You have a piece of furniture you've always loved but it's time to update it with new fabric. You know you can slipcover or reupholster it but what exactly is the difference?

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Is it worth it?

Reupholstery transformers you’re tired old furniture into a gorgeous new piece with stunning designer fabric, the coziest new filling and lustrous refinished wood. This process is not a fast and cheap fix for any piece of furniture though. Instead reupholstery is expensive because it requires a significant time commitment from multiple highly skilled artisans utilizing premium fabrics and fillings. So when is it worth it to reupholster your furniture?

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Who is the best?

You're ready to reupholster your furniture and you've found a few workshops but who is the best? Our experts offer important considerations to make sure you partner with a workshop offering superior service and breathtaking results.

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