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Bedding with Nice Pillow Sham Covers

A Quick Guide On Pillow Shams

When it comes to pillows and cushions, you may come across the term “pillow shams”. You may instantly think of it as an indication that something is false. No, a pillow sham is not a false decorative pillow – however similar that may sound – as it is actually part of your top-of-the-bed bedding ensemble….

Rockville / 05-04-2016
huge living room decoration

How To Decorate Huge Living Rooms

While homeowners with small living rooms face challenges due to limited space, homeowners with bigger living rooms have their own set of issues as well! You see, huge living rooms are fantastic options when it comes to entertaining. However, they may not be functional enough for day-to-day living or cozy enough. If you are planning…

Rockville / 04-27-2016
curtain fabrics of choice

Choosing Fabrics For Your Curtains

When it comes to choosing fabrics for your curtains, it may entail quite a lot of thinking, such as deciding on the choice of fabrics. When you choose the fabrics, consider its durability, light exposing/blocking qualities, texture and weight.

Rockville / 04-20-2016
bed headboards

How To Choose The Perfect Headboard

Headboards are commonly known as an integral part of one’s furnishings at home. In the past, they were traditionally made of wood to keep owners warm from drafts in buildings that were less insulated. As wood is less conductive than brick and stone, colder air were made to sink to the floor rather than onto…

Rockville / 04-13-2016
brands for motorized window treatments

The Best Brands For Motorized Window Treatments

Motorized window treatments are great additions to any home automation system. Today, it is possible to synchronize your draperies or blinds to move in unison with your thermostat, lights, home theater system, and etc.

Rockville / 04-06-2016

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