Why You Should Reupholster Your Furniture

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Rockville / 07-06-2016

Furniture, whether antique or not, can hold great sentimental value. Anything that has sentimental value is worth preserving, especially if it fills you with joy and has great functionality. One of the best ways to continue honoring your furniture is to opt for custom reupholstering. Today, there are expert artisans out there who can strip your furniture down ‘to the bone’ and make them better than ever. For example, the frames of furniture may contain springs and coil that may loosen over the years. The artisans will tighten and secure the frame to increase the lifespan of your furniture and infuse it with enhanced comfort and quality.

Understanding Reupholstering

Artisans who specialize in reupholstering ensure that every furniture part  is refinished perfectly. Whether you want to fill your furniture with cotton batting, feather or foam, you can be sure that there is a wide variety of functional materials and beautiful fabrics to choose from. Yes, you can even find fabrics that look similar to the original design of your furniture! Sometimes, what your older furniture need is just an occasional facelift, and a quality reupholstering job will also produce stellar results. Let’s take a further look at why furniture reupholstering is such an  advantageous option:

Prevents Your Furniture from Ending Up in a Landfill

Reupholstering worn out furniture is seen as a form of recycling, and it helps preserve the environment by reusing wood that has already been harvested. In the past, hundreds of thousands of outdated pieces end up in landfills which will harm the environment in the long run. Let’s not let that trend continue.

Furniture that are Family Heirlooms can Survive Many Generations

Antique furniture pieces have greater value than their practical benefits and market price. That’s why no matter how outdated or worn out they may be, it’s better to preserve these valuable pieces, especially if they are associated with cherished memories of a special family member or moment. With so many options out there to achieve that perfect look and feel you want for the furniture, you not only keep it fresh and stylish but the warm feelings that are associated with it as well.

Excellent Way to Freshen Up a Dated Furniture

Even if your lifestyle or home decor changes, you can easily order custom upholstery fabric and trim to ensure that cherished furniture adapt to those changes seamlessly. No matter what your aesthetic preferences are, there is always a suitable design, color, pattern, fabric out there that’s suitable for the job, and will be a perfect match with the rest of the interior design. You may even consider making slight adjustments to your furniture’s construction, if everyone agrees.

A Highly Cost Effective Solution

Oftentimes, a worn out sofa or couch still retain its sturdy frame, thanks to being built from strong hardwood and quality screws. As the cost of reupholstering it is much lower than purchasing a new piece of the same quality, you are doing yourself a big favor by opting for the former. No longer does one need to give up his or her valuable and comfortable furniture. Reupholstering is still widely recognized as a cost effective solution that provides owners with the versatility to adapt their furniture to a great array of purposes or styles without breaking the bank.

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