Top Tips For Choosing Outdoor Pillows And Cushions

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Rockville / 10-21-2015

Having an outdoor living space is a great alternative to adding a new room to your home. Don’t you think it is a pretty nice idea to turn part of your outdoor landscape into an alfresco dining space during two or more seasons of the year?

However, the process of making a smooth transition to outdoor living entails careful reallocation of resources. It’s important to use well-designed furniture that can last long because a cheap patio chair isn’t going to last you more than a month.

Besides functionality, it is also pertinent to think about how to make your outdoor living space truly comfortable to spend time in. And what better way to turn up the dial on comfort than with outdoor cushions and pillows? Let’s take a look at some useful tips when you go shopping:

Decide on an Evergreen Decor Theme

Try not to be too fixated on buying only what is hot; instead, try to focus on buying what you can enjoy and use for the long term. You will also want to go for styles that won’t need to be replaced every season. An evergreen decor theme can not only give you direction with the pillow and cushion designs you choose, but it can also help you save money, since you will not have to change your outdoor cushions and pillows so often.

Allow your Surroundings to Serve as a Guide

Take a good look at your backyard or patio and see what you have in the space currently. Are there any plants around? Is the space big? Do you have a swimming pool? These are some important factors to consider when developing a clear vibe and mood of your space. The mood of your space will affect your choice and coordination of the pillows and cushions. For instance, one might consider getting cushions in bright solid colors to contrast the stone setting around an outdoor kitchenette.

Ensure that the Materials are Comfortable and Durable

Do not choose pillow and cushion materials like you choose Just as we choose our shoes, comfort should always come first instead of buying something stunning but utterly uncomfortable to rest on. Also, as outdoor furniture and its accessories are exposed to the harsh elements outside, the fabric of your outdoor pillows and cushions should be able to handle these conditions well. You should look out for materials such as 100% Sunbrella acrylic fabric or other weather-resistant fabrics as they can possibly withstand more than 1,990 hours of direct exposure to sunlight before it starts to fade.

Opt for Styles that Allow Flexibility

If you are planning to re-design your backyard, this is exactly what you should do. When everything undergoes a major revamp, choosing pillow and cushion styles that can be flexible enough to contribute a totally fresh and new feeling you are aiming for is certainly a wise move. Furthermore, it will be easier for you to envision the final space with increased accuracy as well.

All in all, remember that when you are creating this special space for your home, ensure that you choose the right pieces that will allow you and your guests to enjoy lounging in and entertaining with!

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