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Simply perfect

You’re ready to add throw pillows to your sofa for a pop of style. If you’ve searched stores for in-stock options, you’ve likely found pillows that are “okay” but somehow they’re never the perfect fabric, size or shape. So what options do you get to select with fully custom throw pillows?

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Getting started

Today’s homes are filled with more and more spaces that require custom cushions. From Breakfast Rooms with built-in seating to Dining Room chairs that need pads and even perches by windows and fireplaces, custom cushions can help make the piece more usable while providing an opportunity to introduce pattern, texture and color into the room. So just how do you get started?

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Just right

Throw pillows are an essential way of adding excitement and style to a room. They introduce color, pattern and texture in well-planned strokes that compliment and enhance the surrounding décor. There is a fine line though between introducing just the right amount of new fabrics in a space and having way too many competing designs. How can you sure you have just the right amount of fabrics? Our Pillow Experts offer advice below:

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