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Control freak

Motorized window treatments can be controlled from a variety of devices from simple handheld remotes to sophisticated Apps on mobile devices. While you’re planning for your motorized window treatments, make sure to consider how you want to operate them. To help guide you through the options, below is a list of control options:

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The powers that be

You’re thinking about adding motorized window treatments to your home. You know they need power but where does it come from? Maybe an electrician needs to run wiring to the window or perhaps there are some special batteries to power these motors. Fortunately, our Motorization Experts have outlined the power options and important considerations below:

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Try then buy

Imagine walking into your home and touching a button on the wall that adjusts all of your window treatments. The shades in the Bedrooms lower for privacy, the draperies in the Living Room open to let you enjoy that gorgeous view out and all of your other blinds tilt open just a bit for some natural lighting. When you’re ready to leave, just press the button by the door and all the window treatments throughout your entire home quickly and easily lower for optimal security, UV protection and thermal insulation.

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