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You’ve just purchased exquisite custom window fashions and upholstery. That tired, old Living Room looks more stunning than ever.  Now how do we keep it looking gorgeous for years to come?  We can’t ban pets and kids from the room and we can’t stop people from eating and drinking near fabrics.  Fortunately, our experts have tips to help your fabrics last a lifetime.

Durability Testing – Every fabric is assigned a durability rating based on a testing procedure which rubs an abrasive material against a fabric and assesses wear. Generally, passing up to 15,000 double rubs is good, between 15,001-30,000 double rubs is better and >30,001 double rubs is best.  The vast majority of fabrics available from Rockville Interiors exceed 30,001 double rubs.  If your fabric is in a high-traffic room or on a piece that will be used heavily, make sure to select a fabric with a high durability rating.

Cleaning Codes – Fabric mills test various cleaning methods on all of their fabrics. They report the results of their testing to help you understand how maintain your fabric over time.  Some fabrics cannot be cleaned at all while others excel at removing stains with water and a mild detergent.  If you foresee needing to clean the fabric over time, make sure to discuss the cleaning codes with your designer.

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In-Door / Out-Door Fabrics – These fabrics are designed to withstand the elements of the outdoors while also being gorgeous enough and soft enough to be used in-doors. They are extremely durable, minimize staining and hold up well against UV rays.  If you’re purchasing custom pillows, cushions, drapes, etc. for the outdoors, you must use these fabrics.  If you’re purchasing a custom home furnishing for an especially sensitive room or piece, these may be worth considering.

Teflon Coating – Almost all fabrics can have a Teflon coating applied to them. This special coating helps minimize stains from sinking into the fabric by repealing them on the surface of the fabric.  Partner with a home furnishings fabricator that is able to treat your fabric selection with a Teflon coating to enhance the fabric’s longevity.

Professional Cleaning – There are many companies in our area that specialize in professional cleaning of fabric on draperies, bedding, pillows, cushions and more. Rockville Interiors can offer trusted referrals to cleaning partners that offer special discounts to our clients. At Rockville Interiors, all of our designers are trained in understanding fabric durability, cleaning strategies and protection so we can help you design custom home furnishings that look gorgeous and last a lifetime.

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