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The first step to designing a custom bed ensemble is learning the lingo. Once you’re familiar with all the nuanced terminology, you’ll be prepared identify each element of a bed ensemble you want and select fabrics for them. Our Bedding Experts have defined the trickiest terms below:

Comforter – A decorative bed covering that coordinates very closely with other elements of the bed ensemble such as pillow shams, throw pillows or skirts.

Duvets – Similar in size and filling to a Comforter, Duvets are a bed covering that is generally plain white and requires a Duvet Cover. The Duvet Cover may coordinate closely with other elements of the bed ensemble, but it doesn’t have to.

Bedspread – Covering the entire bed up over the pillows and down to the floor, Bedspreads are relatively light weight bed coverings that are frequently paired with Comforters or Duvets.

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Coverlet – Similar in function to a Bedspread, Coverlets differ in size as they are designed to only cover the top of bed and barely past the mattress. They are frequently paired with matching pillows shams and bedskirts.

Pillows – A custom bed ensemble may feature a variety of different pillows. Custom pillow shams are designed for the largest decorative pillows that are placed at the top of the bed. Pillowcases cover the pillows that we use during slam. Throw pillows are decorative accents that add pops of color, texture and pattern.

Rockville Interiors offers complimentary assistance from our in-house interior designers to guide you through creating a custom bed ensemble. They’ll help you find the perfect patterns, textures and colors within our carefully curated library of home fashion fabrics so your bedding looks gorgeous and feels comfy and cozy. In our very own locally operated Bedding Workshop, our artisans craft your custom bed ensemble by hand with uncompromising attention to detail that infuses your selections with unparalleled quality.

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